Epikus Music

Custom Epic Music Composition

- All Media

I can compose custom orchestral scores for documentaries, film, TV; custom scores for short videos (YouTube, etc.), animations, and video games; and/or any other venue for which my style of music could be used (weddings, musicals, operas, etc.).

Cost: $300-$350/per fully-composed piece, depending on deadline.

Vocal Performance

- Classical Repertoire Only; Duration May Vary

I am a classically-trained, operatic bass-baritone, and have been in mostly regular practice for 15 years now. I can provide sung music for various venues and gigs that lend toward recital singing, such as weddings, churches, concerts, recitals, choral singing parts (Bass II), funerals, and various other, relevant venues and gigs.

Cost: $200-$250/hour, depending on distance.

Composition Lessons

- Duration: 1 Hour

I can teach you my workflow as it pertains to composing cinematic/epic/hybrid/trailer scores using a digital audio workstation, 3rd-party sound libraries, a computer keyboard, a mouse, and one's own imagination. I will spend an hour teaching you the techniques I've learned over the years, the structure of the epic piece, and some basic mixing techniques that I use to achieve as much realism in my music as possible.

Cost: $50-$55/hour, depending on whether remote or in person, respectively.


Classical Voice Coaching

- Duration: 1 Hour; can go for 15 minutes afterward before charging overtime.

I will use the knowledge, wisdom, and experience I've gained from my own training to start you on your own journey. I will teach basic breathing/breath control techniques, proper posture, intonation, how to project, how to have vocal power and resonance, how to express emotion through the classical style, how to perform while singing, and how to soar through your vocal register with ease, yet power.

Cost: $40-$45/hour, depending on whether remotely or in person, respectively.

Personalized Music Tutorial Video

- Duration Varies

I can create a personalized tutorial video describing any of the processes that I know about music composition and production for the client, and send it to them via a private file-sharing venue.

Cost: $100/Video

Consultation and Feedback

- Duration varies.

I can consult, advise, constructively criticize, and give feedback on a piece of your music. I will listen to the music and make notes of what I can coach. I will then contact you to give you my detailed report. In addition, I will send my notes on the music, point by point from one timestamp to the next where applicable, to you as a document style most suitable and convenient for you, the client.

Cost: $75/piece of music advised.