Epikus Music

It Has Been Some Time...

I have been away on a hiatus of sorts after all the time and energy used to create the book and album for Voice of Thunder, but now I am back in the swing of things! I am creating the next installment to the Epikus story, and am busy composing brand new tracks, the likes of which no one has heard before! 

I have also created a Patreon page for tabletop/pen-and-paper gamers specifically - a place where they can, for a small monthly subscription, retrieve ambient music for their tabletop/pen-and-paper games. I will release content monthly (3x a month, to be specific) to my Patrons, and that will, in turn, help provide me with a steady income (in addition to album and book sales) to buy better gear, additional libraries, better software, audio engineering, and the like! Stay tuned for more, and as always: STAY EPIK!

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