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Ebook Manuscript Nearing Completion!

Hail, my Epic Warriors! I AM EPIKUS! And from this day hence, I shall be your guide into the world of Epic Music! I have some news to share with you all: The ebook manuscript for The Tale of the Voice of Thunder is nearly complete! There is just one task left to me, which I shall complete within the next few days! 

I realize that in my previous post, I mentioned that the manuscript was complete then, as well. Make no mistake, my Warriors: I had completed writing the first draft of the manuscript then! I had not yet done any edits to the project, which have since been done! Worry not, for I shall have both physical and digital copies of both short story and album done by the release date (Black Friday)!

Remember, both these works are meant to be enjoyed jointly, but can likewise be thus separately, as well. However, the short story and album together with custom illustrations are meant to be enjoyed together, for they shall all surely point to the selfsame point: to tell the origin story of Epikus and the Voice of Thunder! 

My hope is that all of you shall gain much pleasure and enjoyment from reading, listening, and witnessing this work! Stay on the lookout for the coming of the links to this work and more, and as always: STAY EPIK!

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